Terms of Registration & Participation for all Courses with Irma de Jong

(from May 2023)

  1. Pre-registration with Connecting Light. Reserve your place in case a class fills up! The last available place is offered to the last online registry by date. You will receive a certificate as long as you have filled in a name on the registration form.
  2. Finalizing registration and payment. After you have reserved your place by pre-registering with Connecting Light or contacting the coordinator, you will be sent this registration form. Your place is only fully secured with payment.
  3. Your travel plans and course confirmation. Each course will be fully confirmed on, or just after, the deadline date. To be on the safe side, please wait to pay for any travel arrangements till you hear the course has been confirmed.
  4. Courses Manuals. All manuals are digital only. You will receive the manual after completing the class with certificate. You can then choose to use it purely digitally on your computer/tablet or print copies of any or all pages you wish. During the class you will get all the relevant handouts to learn and practice the course material.
  5. If we make changes to the course. If we have to change the dates, move the venue or cancel the course from our side, our only obligation to you will be to refund the full amount paid within 14 days.
  6. If you withdraw your booking after you have paid:
    • More than 2 weeks before the course, you will be charged an administrative fee of EURO €15 for Connecting Sessions, €75 for all Reiki courses.
    • Less than 2 weeks before the course, there will be no refund of any kind, neither full nor partial, but you can transfer your payment to another participant for the same course.
In case of an emergency withdrawal, each case will be handled on an individual basis. Verbal side arrangements need to be confirmed in writing by Irma (in an email for example).

    • Purchase of the Self-Care workshop is final and non-refundable.
  7. If you decide not to complete the course, there will be no refund and Irma will not be able to graduate you. Irma and the Coordinator can not be held responsible for your expectations and ability to attend the course.
  8. The techniques taught in these courses do not replace medical or other treatment or advice. Your health is your own responsibility. If you are currently receiving medical or other related treatments or if you are in some way concerned about your ability to participate in the course, or have specific requirements, please discuss this with Irma and the Coordinator in advance, before finalizing your booking and payment.
  9. Using the techniques after attending a course.
    • Self-Care Workshop: You can use the tips on a non-professional basis immediately after class.
    • Reiki Students: You can use Reiki with other people immediately after class. To become proficient in Reiki you need further learning and practice. You can become a Reiki Master if you complete all the courses.
    • Qualified Healthcare Professionals: You can use Reiki with your existing clients right after a class. When you offer your services for a fee, it is your responsibility to have the relevant insurance cover for the country you practice in.
  10. Online Courses are taught with limited or no hands-on practice. You will be guided every step of the way. Classes are designed for online environments and using distance Reiki. Becoming proficient in distance work is part of the Reiki 2 course and takes further learning and practice.
  11. All students are asked to be aware of and respect confidentiality. It is your choice if you wish to share any sensitive health or other personal information with Irma and other students at any point during the course.
  12. Liability. The Instructor, Coordinator and any Assistants are fully exempt from any liability or compensation due to actions during the course.
  13. Any concerns or questions before or during a course. Don’t hesitate to ask anything at any time. It is your responsibility to make sure to communicate any questions or concerns to the Coordinator or Irma.

Irma and the local coordinators will make every effort to make each course the best experience possible.
We look forward to hosting and teaching your class and to meeting you.