Connecting Light

with Irma de Jong

Connecting Sessions

Receive and observe sessions in a group setting. There is a compounding healing affect when people get together

Lifestyle Journey

Using nutritional consultations, BodyTalk and my years of knowledge and experience to achieve Your goal

Community & Courses

Gather with like-minded people, to share and practice Reiki together. Learn Reiki yourself, either online or in-person.

Your Light Is Your Inner Knowledge, Your Inner Brilliance

You are ready to connect the dots of your life-story, to become the light that you are meant to be. I am here to help you with that, to simply guide you on your path, to teach you skills and provide the enlightenment you are seeking. My motto is simplicity. Everything step by step, integrate the knowledge into your life to the point it is anchored in your heart.  

Connecting you to YOU

I can teach you how to optimize your bodymind for overall health and emotional well-being

You do not need to be fixed, you are not broken. You can learn to take care of yourself, to trust yourself, to really comprehend the consequences of your actions.
My goal is to help you live a better life. For you to love your self; body, mind, and spirit.

How I Can Help

Is your physiology in alignment with what you are trying to accomplish? Are there mental/emotional blocks keeping you from moving forward? Do you know what you are here to do? Are you connected?

Food Consulting

What and when to eat so you align with your body’s needs

Energetic Coach

Allowing your innate wisdom to guide you back to optimum well-being

Lymphatic Drainage

Getting rid of anything stagnant, physical or emotional

Animals & Children

For those whom can’t speak for themselves, I listen

“All life is energy (light) interacting. The universe is self-regenerating and eternal, constantly refreshing itself and in touch with every other part of itself instantaneously. Everything in it is giving, exchanging and interacting with energy, coming in and out of existence at every level. The self has a field of influence on the world and vice versa based on this energy.”
– Lynne McTaggart, The Field

About me

I combine my 20 years of professional experience practicing mind-body modalities with my personal knowledge of emotional and physical healing to create a unique approach in the resolution of health issues. Using established techniques such as Reiki, BodyTalk, Chinese medicine, and nutrition, I explore all aspects of the human condition, then apply my understanding of these methodologies to connect or clear away what the body needs to balance and heal.
I call this process “connecting light.”

Consciousness Based Healing

Becoming aware is the first step in your growth process. Once you see the light, you can never not see it.

A Holistic Perspective

Looking at you as a whole person, every facet of your life-story. Connecting Body, Mind/Emotion and Spirit.

West Meets East

Combining science with ancient medicine and philosophy to illuminate exactly what you need.

I was dead tired, and knew I was eating too many of the wrong things. I also knew that my diet was not helping me to get rid of my fatigue. However, I couldn’t to break the circle.

Irma’s Lifestyle Journey has allowed me to experience what true self-care is, what role food plays in my life, and how I use food as a distraction. Not because Irma told me that, but because I caught myself in my pattern, and that’s really cool.

The advice and guidance is tailored to my body. Very specific. That has given me a lot of confidence in what I can and shouldn’t eat. No difficult dishes, no supplements. Due to the weekly accountability conversations, I noticed a rhythm in my state of mind and how my desire for sugar, for example, changes. Instead of eating sugar, I now know that I can slow down, get more sleep, be kind to myself. And if I eat something that’s actually not that good, then I enjoy it! The deepening through the BodyTalk treatments that Irma gave when she received signals that this was necessary always resulted in a deepening in my awareness of my body, my self-care.

I’ve lost 7 kilos, but more importantly, I’ve managed to avoid burnout, I’ve experienced what real self-care is, and I’ve got my creativity back.

Thank you Irma, this Journey is really worth gold!” 

Babs Jasper

I have been a regular client of Irma’s for around 11 years. Over these years I have benefitted a lot from Irma’s profound sensitivity to energy, her skills in various modalities and her in-depth knowledge of the body’s biology.

Irma always brings insights and information that assist in the physical, emotional and mental healing process. Because I’ve had such a great experience with Irma, I’ve had extensive treatments with Irma myself, both in-person, over video call and (far more frequently) via distance or telepathic sessions format. 

I’ve also had sessions for my child and pets. It is always a pleasure to work with Irma. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers, especially for those who are not getting the support they need from traditional healthcare providers.

Genevieve, The Netherlands

“I have worked with Irma for a few years now and the work we have done has been paramount in getting me to where I am today.

I feel more in tune with my body and I have been equipped with some practices and processes that have helped me through some very tough times.

I am very grateful that I get to share my Journey with Irma and all the experience that she has and will continue to work with her and discover more.

Irma always just knows exactly what I need at that exact time and I value what she has taught me with lots of love.” 

Nadine Lowe

“Irma has been helping me to grow spiritually and to improve my mental and physical health. So when she offered the Holy Fire Reiki 1 course it was a no-brainer to participate.

Having the option to join online made it so much easier for me, without impacting the learning experience. The atmosphere was very intimate, safe and supportive. And Irma even arranged a friend to visit me and to practice my Reiki giving during the course.

Highly recommended!”

Norbert Dolle

My Course on Self-Care

This Self-Care workshop is focused on caring for your body mind spirit. You will learn to care for your physical self, from your inner child and higher self. You will have a new relationship with your Self, with the understanding and love you so deserve.

In the following five weeks I take you deep into unexplored parts of your Self

In the following weeks I will be giving you techniques to use
 to apply every moment of the day

Making self-care easy and effortless, instead of complicated and overwhelming

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How do distance sessions work?

Energy modalities work at the level of consciousness where it can affect the mind, energy systems and the physical body, therefore it is unaffected by the limitations of time or physical location.

According to quantum physics, every cell, every atom in the universe knows exactly what every other part is doing. There is a deep interconnectedness and interdependence between every atom in the universe and thus every human being in the universe.

During a session I connect to this ‘energy network’ of which we are all part, so that physical contact is not necessary. You can compare it with telepathy, thinking about the same thing at the same time or with mobile phones, quickly connecting all over the world, without physical connection.

What is the benefit of sessions in a group setting?

The individual receives a session from me while being observed by the group. The observer effect is the fact that observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes it. If we want to change a behavior — from cellular to mental behaviors — observation it can be effective. Multiple observers is multiplied benefit.

Especially when the desired change resonates among the group participants the effects expand within each individual of the group. Benefitting the observer, even when not receiving an individual session.

Why are Lymphatic Drainage sessions so important?

The lymphatic system is an integral component of immune health and wellness. It influences everything from organ function, hormonal levels, energy flow and energy levels, heart and circulatory health, and emotional balance.

When all is well, our body is able to eliminate most waste products through our excretory organs without any problems. Sometimes it is necessary to support and stimulate the body in this.

Mainly after a period of high stress, after surgery or when using medication (e.g. antibiotics or chemotherapy). Chronic fatigue or the change of seasons can also be a reason to pay extra attention to the lymphatic system.

What will the Lifestyle Journey bring me?

It will bring you long-lasting changes with a profound connection to self. You will be able to understand, listen and trust your body’s needs.

This is an intensive in-depth program completely tailored to your path. It requires a weekly commitment over a 3-month period to really make those long-lasting changes. In the process we will address your (unhidden) blocks preventing you from living your best life.

Why connect to a community?

Do you ever feel like you are all alone? The only one going through something; a healing crisis, learning the techniques, communicating with potential clients, or even your fiends. The community allows you to connect to like-minded people.

You are not alone, feel the support the community offers you. Come together in a non-pressure environment to express your fears and tribulations as well as your success moments.

What course is best to start with?

The Self-care course is a great place to start to connect with the basics of learning several easy to implement techniques and insights to what you need day-to-day.   

If you are ready to connect to the universal life energy, Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki 1 best for you. Reiki 1 will take you further into self-care and developing your awareness of self and life. You will learn to apply the techniques to yourself, first and foremost — if you wish, share the Reiki with other sentient beings.

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